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Party Balloon on Pillars - Lapeoni Flowers and Events

Party Balloon on Pillars

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Baby shower pillar party!!!

Balloon Pillars for entrance are the perfect addition to your party decorations and will make your celebration much more special! We have a large variety of decoration and designs to enhance and  coordinate with every party theme perfectly suited in your events.  Super shaped baby Mylar balloon will also be designed for baptismal and baby shower  in a huge variety of sculpturing.  This balloon shaped combined with rubber balloons formed a truly amazing stand or centerpieces with color of choice to put together  as a fun and colorful decorations. The head piece is filled with helium to emphasize the clarity and serve as an indicator of the event. This particular sculptor varies in sizes and color combination. For further inquiries of balloon decorations please don't hesitate to give us a call or email us to help transform any party of yours to a beautiful festive celebration.



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